Heart with caption Thank you for noticing

We’re in this together. We’re working hard to make your TTC journey seamless and safe, and your compliments keep us focused on doing just that. Here’s what you had to say about our service this week.

 Group of stars with the caption All star driver

  • I just wanted to say that this particular bus driver (of route 11 Bayview) is the sweetest. She is a careful driver with a great sense of humour. I appreciate how welcoming she is too.

first aid kit with the caption life saver

  • Hi TTC, I’m an emergency doctor at St Mike’s. One of your staff provided CPR and AED shocking for one of my patients yesterday. I wanted to commend them for this! I’m so impressed with their quick actions and ability to deal with such a difficult situation.

Hand with a heart floating above it with the caption Excellent Customer Service

  • The transit operator reminded everyone to watch their step and offered positive encouragement to get through the day. Highly appreciated to start the day off strong.

Helmet with the caption Safety First

  • I was attempting to catch the bus this morning during the cold pouring rain. The traffic light to cross Martingrove turned red just as the bus was approaching the stop. The driver (of route 46 Martingrove) stopped and waited for me to safely cross the street so I could board the bus. Please thank this man again for me.

Compliments in October

Hand with a heart floating above it with the caption Excellent Customer Service

  • The 9 Bellamy route driver is very generous, very helpful and very friendly. I’m two thumbs up for him. Very good service and very good driver!

Group of stars with the caption All-Star Driver

  • I am on this driver’s route (6 Bay) three days every week and he is the most pleasant and congenial person. I look forward to seeing him on this route.

Crown with the caption Fleet with Flair

  • New electric buses are so amazing. You guys are changing the world.

A spray bottle and gloves with caption Neat and Tidy

  • I want to commend the TTC on the cleanliness of your washrooms. I was in the one at Yonge and Bloor this afternoon and the cleaner was working very hard to keep it spotless. Please thank her and all cleaners for their service!