The Customer Charter is the TTC’s commitment to Toronto and to you, our customer.  The charter identifies specific time-based initiatives we are committed to implementing over the next year to improve the transit experience for our customers.

The Customer Charter has been developed to reflect a renewed customer-focus, established by the TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan. The TTC’s inaugural Corporate Plan was introduced in 2013, and features strategic objectives to guide us through the next five years as we transform and modernize. The 2014 Customer Charter includes 39 initiatives that move us closer to achieving our vision for the TTC – "a transit system that makes Toronto proud."

We will continue to deliver on the positive initiatives that were part of the TTC’s 2013 Customer Charter commitment including:

• Conducting five “Meet the Manager” sessions per quarter.

• Holding an annual TTC Customer Town Hall, quarterly TTC Rider Town Halls, an annual TTC Public Forum on Accessible Transit, and TTC online Town Halls via Twitter at least six times per year.

• Posting the performance of all surface routes on our website so you know how your route is performing.

• Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Mystery Shopper Surveys each quarter to better understand how we are performing on issues of importance to you.