In 2012, we laid the foundations necessary to achieve our vision. We established fundamental business tools, such as key performance indicators, and changed our organizational structure to better align with business needs, with focus on the customer. We’ve taken steps to increase levels of accountability and transparency throughout our organization, although much remains to be done.

Presto Card SystemIn years one through three of our plan, we will build the assets needed to run our core business successfully, efficiently and effectively. This phase stretches out to the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games in 2015 and includes transformational items such as the PRESTO smartcard system, an entirely new subway fleet on the Yonge-University-Spadina Line, and station modernizations. These years represent the bulk of current TTC plans for investment in our existing network and the capacity enhancements required to keep level with ever-growing demand.

New TTC subway train interior. The journey from year one through five is about transforming the culture of the TTC. Our journey will deliver changes in staffing models in stations and in vehicles, and will reframe the relationship between front-line staff and their managers. Transforming culture is the biggest and most challenging aspect of our five-year plan. In the end, the TTC will look and feel very different than today.


The following chart illustrates an overview of the phases of the five year corporate plan:

TTC Five Year Plan Timeline Year 1
Laying the foundations

Year 1-3
Building the assets

Year 1-5
Transforming the culture