The Chief Executive Officer and his executive team have identified strategic objectives in a five-year plan designed to deliver a renewed vision – a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

To achieve that vision, the executive also identified the need for a renewed philosophy to counter criticism and change perceptions.

Our philosophy:

  • Safety before production
  • Customer first
  • Confident, open, dynamic and transparent
  • Receptive to new ideas, able to learn from mistakes
  • One team
  • Lean, efficient and effective
  • Good neighbours, trustworthy partners, impartial advisors

Early in 2012, it identified 10 steps to kick-start the transformation of the TTC and lay the foundation for a modernized, more customer-focused and business-like organization:

  • Identify the vision; determine the philosophy
  • Develop a master plan, targets and tools to track progress
  • Get the right people into the key jobs in a revitalized structure
  • Hold everyone accountable for their parts of the process
  • Delight the customer with quick wins
  • Re-engage the staff
  • Re-engineer processes, systems and equipment
  • Provide visible, effective management
  • Rebuild stakeholder confidence; Deliver on promises
  • Get the basics right, all day, every day

Work is well advanced or even complete on most of these key elements. Early on we were able to capture and measure existing performance via key performance indicators. These are now publicly available on the TTC website and on a refreshed company intranet, as well as being featured in a new monthly CEO Report to the TTC Board.

The five-year plan documented here describes what needs to happen next, the strategic objectives, and their constituent work streams, and how the TTC will organize itself to achieve success.

Ultimately, it paints a picture of how we will deliver on our vision.

People and train at a subway platform.