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How we keep you involved in the process when you file a Customer Communications with us - Customer Communications Process

Give us a compliment
For example, a compliment regarding a TTC employee, the quality of our subway, bus or streetcar service, or any other aspect of operation.

Or, is this complaint / suggestion about:

TTC Service
For example a subway, bus or streetcar delay, escalators / elevator outages, facilities complaints or token vending machine shortages; Or a suggestion on how we can improve any aspect of our service;


TTC employee
For example, a discourtesy, a fare or transfer dispute or the manner in which a vehicle is operated. Employee names are not mandatory; employees can be identified by name, run number, badge number, vehicle number or vehicle run number, and station collectors by subway station booth location and date and time.


Wheel-Trans Service
If you ever have any questions or comments about Wheel-Trans services or policies, please go to Contact Wheel-Trans