Commendations Corner - August-December 2018

Arrow Road: Jason Cush, Richard Dalley, Terrence Fillion Robinet, Jennifer Freitas: “I had forgotten my planner on the bus with a substantial amount of money in it. Operator returned it as is, and I want her to be recognized for her honesty, please, please, please.” … Christian Gendron, Dolladeer Gordon, Ricky Hosein, David Hoy, Richard Lee, Fere Kamkar, Anh Mac, Mondeep Mann, Oleh Metelsky, O’Neill Monroe, Anujkumar Patel, Azam Qureshi, Delroy Rankine, Romeo Rasetta, Nolan Ryder, Mary Spiak

Birchmount: Peter Anagnostaras, Jason Balthazar, Nicole Bojovich, Lehel Borsos, Daniel Clancy, Kyle Christie, Christina Clarke, Dain Collins, Kristine Cowen, Steven D’Agostino, Brent Davis, Michelle Duck, Alan Dykstra, Tiffany Ewing, Winston Fleming, Jessie Fox, June Greer, Christopher Heise, Neil Hermes, John Humphries, Anas Ingar, Jeff Jiao, Donica John, Louay Kanatani, David Kane, Alex Kay, Zeeshan Khan, George Lalata, Feleke Legesse, Michael Macneil, Laurence March, Michael Mayne, Myra McLean, Quacy Mendoza, Brenda Mercer, Ildiko Nagy, Robert Naylor, Richard Nemeth, Phillipa Nimigon, Rady Osman, David Owens, Kareem Pollydore, Alexandru Popescu, Federico Procopio, Stylianos Roides, Richard Sajnovic, John Seales, Glenvil Vales, Edward Wahl, Alexander Wallace, Chris Williamson, Michael Yeo

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Matthew Di Taranto, Barbara Gallegos, Hovig Kerkezian, Stefania Ragone, Jennifer Sealy

Eglinton: Beldjilali Amara, Sofia Dundas, Theresa Festo, Julie Hazell, Steven Landry, Sylvie Larouche, Michelle Stephenson

Malvern: Lucia Anton Tucci, Bernard Balian, Nadine Balthazar, Dean Beazer, Scott Bellingham, Mark Beltrano, Jermaine Brown, Mark Carnegie, Kevin Carr, Taij Chand, Reza Dadfarnia, Jason DiPietrantonio, Dawn Dudley, Merrel Emmanuel, Shahriar Eskandary, Mohammad Fardin: “I was stricken with a severe case of vertigo. The driver kindly called 9-1-1 for me at Markham Road and put the bus out of service. He and a nurse who was riding home helped me off the bus and waited until the ambulance arrived. Please let the driver know that I am doing well and that I wish him and his family all the best.” … Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Shogher Garabedian, Nathan Gueco, Zouhair Henainou, Frederick Hickey, Braxton Hire, Tammy Howard, Jack Huntington, Chad Hutchings, Dornette Joseph, David Judson, Derek Kelly, Franco Lacuata, David Lipsett, Sugrim Madramottoo, David McDermott, Ellington McLeggon, Filip Milosevic, Lana Neal, John Oostdyk, Patricia Palmer, Brian Patterson, Nicolas Renda, Kerma Roberts, Jagath Rupasinghe, Agata Sieron, Vanroy Simon, Wayne Simpson, Wayne Smith, Nolan Stuart, Samson Surenthiran, Leroy Sutton, Iain Turpin, Jerry Valente, Courtney Watson, Wendell Williams, Devon Wilson, Anthony Wallace

Mount Dennis: George Arandas, Oscar Arriaza, Kenneth Asante, Milan Baric, Shirley Bishop, Kevin Borges, Maria Byrne, Daniel Campos, Christopher Clarke, Peter Cole, Lisa Correira, Annmarie Crooks, Rudy Cruz, Sereen Dawkins, Annmarie Dennis, David Elrick, Victor Estudante, Brian Fell, Osvaldo Fonseca, Alan Ford, Kyle Goodman, Koby Grant, Amandeep Grover, Paul Haynes, Larry Hazan, Tammy Hendry, Oknegi Henry, Gayle Hollett, Brian Humphrey, Gino Ielo, Rabeah Karram, Francois Kirollos, Gahandeep Makkar, Tonino Masucci: “Had a nice conversation with the driver about guitars. Just a random conversation that put a smile on me on an otherwise long trip.” … Wajahat Mir, Michel Nunes, Szongahdeh Ojeek, Michael Pierre, Mauro Pistillo, Yudisthir Purnwasi, Helder Ramos, Randy Rajmoolie, Marcus Richardson, Jayesh Ruparelia, Joravar Sandhar, Lee Schwalb, Satish Sharma, Sarabjit Singh, Grantley Soudine, Evan St. Louis, Gus Thomas, Tommaso Tota, Monica Vargas, Christopher Veit, Garnette Williams, Cassandra Williamson

Plant Maintenance: Marichelle Castaneda, Hermelinda Navarro, Azeb Tewolde

Queensway: Yogesh Asrani, Presley Bailey, Vida Baska, Dave Boothe, Matthew Chau, Ryszard Frankowicz, Patricia Gale, Drew Hannigan, Asifhusain Kazi, Beth Kielty, Cathie Moore, Carlo Naccarato, Jaime Paiva, Angela Palmer, Isidoro Pizzo, Adam Pochwalowski: “Give the man a cookie! Massive shout out to the driver of the 80A route. He saw me in a dead sprint to make it to the stop on time and waited for me. That’s the kind of kindness that starts your Saturday right!” … Christine Rae, Leo Reis, Richard Rost, Michelle Spiteri, Avinash Verma, David Zappi

Stations: Michael Sanderson, Akshat Shah, Omar Thorpe, Lee Winger

Streetcars: Terry Amaral, Mohammed Bakharia, Gideon Boateng, Tammy Coles, Raymond Dolina, Barry Doyle, Trevor Evans, Ralph Gerry, Christopher Glenny, Abdul Hamid, Curtis Harewood, Bruce Harvey, Brian Hughes, Shawn Kelly: “Streetcar driver noticed a young couple being verbaly harassed as they got off the streetcar in Chinatown. I appreciated how you beeped your horn and waved to check they were OK before continuing on the route. Awesome attention to detail and care!” … Mukesh Kumar, Jonathan Lewis, Jorge Lobo, Terry Mannella, Matthew McLeod, Brenda Michaud, Joseph Martaus, Brian Morrow, Vishnu Nancoo, Jeremy Perez, Sivayogini Rajalingham, David Reid, Curt Richards, Ayenda Roobendran, Ali Samirad, Mitchell Soares, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Naeem Tajuddin, Luciano Tomei, Leighton Walters, Shennell White

Training/Development: Nadia Bacchus, Domenic Martino, Owen Turner

Wheel-Trans: Tiwana Anderson, Chris Angelidis, Robert Chamberlain, Tyson Hu, Terence Kelsey, Catherine Koppejan, Barbara Kurelek, Diana Mendonca, Cheryl Mueller

Wilson-Bus: Helen Belhu, Chris Benic, Gaetano Carbone, Josesilva Carvalheiro, Justin Eades, Sheila Evans, Chloe Henderson, Raza Malik, Tameka McLaren: “The car in question did not stop behind the bus or observe the stop sign … It was thanks to your bus driver that noticed the car coming and sounded the horn to warn me … I would like to thank your bus driver for saving my life and professing such a degree of professionalism, as well to the TTC for its high standards of service.” … Alex Michailidis, Earl Nembhard, Manuel Scarola, Deshane Skeene, Tenzin Sungkhor, Tenesha Temple, Bill Tsaparis, Kimlal Wadhwani, David Walterhouse, Michael Watson, Jermaine Watkins

Wilson-Subway: Joel LaPlante, Cornelius Trotman



Collector Omar Thorpe, right, thanked by Acting Group Station Manager Martin Hoek.


Collector Peter Park thanked by Station Supervisor Lubna Nazneen.


Collector Michael Sanderson, left, thanked by Acting Group Station Manager Martin Hoek.

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