Commendations Corner June 2017

Arrow Road: Adam Basilone, Philip Carreiro, Yolanda Cole, John Danis, Theresa De Vries, Gordon Dolladeer, William Farkas, Bradley Fremeau, Christian Gendron, Syedzaighum Gillani, David Graham, Andrew Haniff: “The driver informed that the bus behind was leaving first. Thank you Mr. bus driver, that extra five minutes added to me getting home faster after a 12-hour shift!” …David Hoy, Baljot Kaila, Wazin Khan, Robert Klikorka, Richard Lee, Sandy Linton, Claudio Logullo, Faiz Mohamed, Katherine Owen, Adithya Padala, Norm Roach, Sabah Shamshoom, Preet Sharma, Mohendra Sukhu, Rayat Tejinder

Birchmount: Mohammad Abowath, Dave Ballantyne, Elizabeth Briscoe, Canute Davis, Daniel Facchini, Keith Gualtieri: “He came across a drunk customer and dealt with him professionally, while making sure the other passengers were safe. I don’t know how he provides the service with a pleasant smile.” … Dale Hawtin, Tom Humphreys, Nagy Ildiko, Eben Machiri, Krystle Maracle, Abimbola Olaniyan, Thayaparan Palanisamy, Efthymia Papadopoulos, Nellon Pemberton, Tina Pilgrim, Shane Rouse, Carlos Santos, Patricia Spencer, William Smart, Kathe Triantafillou, Shawn Wight

Construction: Oreste Pfeiffer

Corporate Communications: Mike DeToma

Closures/Diversions: Sue Nicastro

Danforth: Shawn Bush, John Dawson, Nathan Ferguson, Neil Fonseca

Eglinton: Christina Atkinson, Andre Bankasingh, Armando Barjamaj, Gergo Biro, Mohammed Brown, Mohamed Elkareem, Casey Farhall, Shomari Hasley: “AMAZING DRIVER. He steadily passed by a tight spot while passing by a car just to get passengers in the waiting area. I watched the driver of the car watch if this TTC driver was going to hit his car and I was amazed at how amazing this driver is.” … Michael Jackson, Gregory Hill, Annmarie Jones, Milton Levy, Kashron Lodrick, Suresh Mailwaganam, Jordi McLauchlin, Giuseppe Mercurio, Eva Meszaros, Chris Misketis, Fahmy Muhammad, John Parashos, Luigi Spada, Jim Themelis, Neil Wilson, Steven Wrigley

Malvern: Shaun Bridge, John Brown, Jerry Cabral, Teri Cadogan, Franz Canete: “His consideration and courtesy has been noticed and is very much appreciated. His friendly smile at 6 a.m. certainly makes a difference as well!” ... Joseph Donnelly, Shahriar Eskandary, Paul Garrett, Michael Gonsalves, David Gooderham, Mykal Griffiths, Scott Henderson, Terry Hillier, Jack Huntington, David Judson, Rudolph Lappin, Lucya Pirapakaran, Danielle Ray, Sourabh Sehgal, Peter Stanislaus, Chester Viaje, Marva Virgil Lewin, Sukhwinder Virk, Damian Wong

Mount Dennis: Frank Costa, Colin Campbell, Shusien Chin, Nadim Chowdhury, Kevin Cosgrove, Leith Craine, Carlos Debrito: “OMG, what a SWEETHEART!!!!!!” … Cyril Fortune, Jennifer Francis, David Elrick, Leslie Fodor, Allan Gibson, Martin Gibson, Harpreet Girgla, Thomas Guimaraes, Chad Hutchings, George Joseph, Samuel Logan, Damany Luke, Fere Kamkar, Meghann McDonough, Earl Montague, Michael Nunes, Lina Quaresma, Steven Small, Sandra Sutherland, Hanefia Tanim, Robert Green, Paul Valerio, Rudy Wilson, Paul Wong, Andrew Yeung

Plant Maintenance: Elino Ablin, Sherry Cadore, Preston Ho Sue, Donna Williams: “The integrity and excellence she displays in each task she performs is honourable, and I am proud to call Donna a team player that clearly considers others.”

Queensway: Antonio Di Folca, Remo Minchio, Joseph Novak, Randy Ramsukh, Avin Sharma: “My mum rides the TTC every day for work, and she’s always remarking at the joy your drivers provide to her in her morning commute from St. Clair and Brimley, all the way downtown.” … Kristina Sokol, Mark Stefanutti, Jay Thornberry, Errol Wilson

Roncesvalles: Nick Agostino, Khalil Ahsan Syed, Mark Bingham, Feleicia Campbell, Fortunato Gesualdo, Drupad Maharaj, Paul Marcuz, David Peacock, Kevan Scott, Mitchell Soares, David Taing, Luciano Tomei, Moses Wajcenberg, Gregory Wright

Russell: Younane Abdulbaki, Glenny Alishah, Blaine Davey, Sanjeev Dhaliwal, Michael Frotten, Christopher Gonsalves, Jesse Goulah: “Just wanted to say thank you for your help with the streetcar charter. The press event happened last night and the client raved about the streetcar and how wonderful the TTC staff were. So thank you, thank you and thank you.” … Scott Gregoire, Thedore Grozdanis, Karen Hoare, Jason Kmiecik, John Kenny, Geeta Kumarsingh, Yinl Lung Chan, Chris Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, Robert MacIsaac, Brenda Michaud, Jeffrey Matheson, Abudul Mohaiuddin, Charles Morrow, William Moyer, Michael Ozi, Adam Oztopaloglu, Linda Naval, Marilyn Pearson, Alvaro Peci, Curt Richards, Christos Sioutis, Krystal White

Stations: Tiwana Anderson, Phillip Foubister, Floyd Girdharry, Mengesha Hailemichael, Jagasothy Jayaraj, Steven Jennens, Sean McCabe, Ablack Sookbir, Greg Wright

Wheel-Trans: Youssef Abi Nader, Mariusz Barlog, Rasheeda Bowers, Anthony Cerqua, Anil Dhingra, Damien Egan-Wyer, Timothy Elliott, Teresa Gale, Mike Grasso, Chris Harwood, Giulio Iacono, Mudassar Iqbal, Raheel Khan, Karen Kimball, Don Knight, Brian Lawrenson, Eric Mak, Cassandra Martin, Cristina Martinez, Karim Mohamed, Sean Mooney, Kasi Morgan, Edmond Olorunfunmi, Michael Parris, Joe Paton, Bill Sibbitt, Surjeet Singh, Saseelan Thambirajah, Kin Tong, Lyn Whitmore

Wilson-Bus: Pratima Anandjit, Noel Bissoondial, Mario Dallo, Anthony Ferrara, Domenic Gouveia: “The driver is exceptionally kind to older riders, especially the ones using mobility devices. It was heart-warming to see.” … Derrick Herrera, Jedrzej Kaca, Octavio Linhares, Edward McKendry, Shabniz Mitha, Jacqueline Murphy, Christopher Pariselli, Rafique Rana, Malik Raza, Sherene Rodney, Oneil Savariau, Paul Stanley, Wayne Stewart, Giovanni Tino, Greg Troy, Antonio Vitullo, Danny Widjaja, Naeem Younas


2017 TPS Community Member Awards.

Congratulations to Special Constables James Bingham, left, and Maciej Chojecki on receiving the 2017 Community Member Award from the Toronto Police Service earlier this year. The pair apprehended a thief who entered Wilson Station after committing a robbery. Assisting police officers after the suspect tried to run, Bingham restrained the man and Chojecki searched and found a gun in his jacket pocket.


My Canada is peaceful and safe.
My Canada is freedom and trust.
My Canada is God’s country.
My Canada is people country.
My Canada is coast to coast to coast.
My Canada has the recipe for making a great nation.
My Canada is the future.

A poem by Steve De Lio
Carhouse Operator at McCowan Yard

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