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TTC CEO Andy Byford 2/20/13 11:12 AM

TTC and ATU Local 113 Agreement

The TTC’s core service is to provide safe, reliable public transit to the people of Toronto. By working together we are well on our way to achieving our vision of being a transit system that makes Toronto proud. With that, I am pleased to announce that the TTC and ATU Local 113 have reached an agreement that will provide stability for the remainder of the term of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Here’s what we have both agreed to:
> Bus service line contracting out will move ahead with a view to minimizing the impact on personnel and budget. The five remaining city-wide garages will move to a contracted-out model by fall this calendar year. The Wheel-Trans service line will be exempt from contracting out for the remainder of the current CBA.
> Bus garage service lines aside, a cessation of further contracting out for the remainder of this CBA.
> Contracting out grievances that are under way are held in abeyance, specifically Gatehouse Attendants, Waste Management, Subway Washroom Cleaning and Service Lines for the remainder of the CBA.
> A commitment to start a second bus heavy rebuild line adding approximately 75 positions to our current strength.
> Implement the Group Station Management model designed to improve service delivery and customer service.
> Professionalize the look of public-facing employees, i.e. uniforms for janitorial staff.
> Continue to work together to find productivity improvements and efficiencies.

I want to thank both the management team and Union executive for their hard work and commitment to finding common ground on these issues. It speaks well for the future as the TTC continues down the path of transformation and modernization.

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
February 19, 2013

Note: TTC/Local 113 agreement was settled by interest arbitration on June 4, 2012. The three-year collective bargaining agreement is effective from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2014.

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