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CEO Andy Byford 3/1/13 11:51 AM

Our Charter Commitment

Dear colleagues,

Today, the Toronto Transit Commission will launch its first-ever Customer Charter, committing the TTC to specific improvements in 2013, and every year thereafter, focusing on five themes: cleanliness, better information, improved responsiveness, more accessible and modern, and the renewal of vehicles.

I wrote about The Charter in the (Feb. 28) Toronto Star, which you can read here.

We will keep customers and the public up to date on how we are progressing each quarter via the TTC’s website. Employees can access The Charter on the TTC’s intranet site, at ttc.ca or by asking your manager to print you a copy.

Most major transit properties have Customer Charters and I believe that the launch of our first Charter today is a further step in our journey towards becoming a truly customer-led organization. By linking the promises to specific timelines, we are demonstrating that we are prepared to be held accountable for delivering what we promise, and that we are confident in our ability to deliver on all 31 of these commitments. This is important, as we haven’t always been ready to do that.

A lot of thought has gone into the improvements we are promising to deliver on. They all relate to issues that customers have told us are important and I believe they are all things that we should be doing to improve the service that we offer to the people that pay our wages.

Without question, the most important issue for our customers is that they enjoy punctual, reliable, safe transit, delivered by courteous staff. That remains our top priority. But in making these commitments today, we are saying that we can deliver other improvements at the same time as we work together to drive up basic performance.

This is part of a push to improve our reputation. If customers and the public believe we are, indeed, listening, that we are making more of an effort, and that things are improving, everyone’s jobs will become more fulfilling.

Launching our first Charter today is an important step in delivering on our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud. You play an important part in delivering that vision by continuing to do your jobs professionally and to the best of your ability.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts.

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
February 28, 2013

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