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CEO Andy Byford 1/8/13 11:21 AM

On Dec. 22, 2012, TTC CEO Andy Byford issued the following notice to staff about changes to the TTC’s organizational structure. Below is the text of the notice and attached is the TTC’s revised organization chart.

Changes to our organizational structure: new Service Delivery Group

Dear Colleagues,

Last May, the company underwent a significant re-organization designed to help us achieve our goals of transforming and modernizing the TTC. The organization was built around the customer, with four business groups working together to achieve continuous improvement in the service that we deliver.

I now wish to make one final enhancement to the organization. This is based on my belief that we should create expert groups to focus on what I call back-of-house operations, i.e. the things customers do not see; and front-of-house, i.e. things that they do see – all customer facing activity.

TTC Organizational Chart - January 7, 2013

To that end, and to enable us to transform customer satisfaction more quickly, I am announcing today a new group called, Service Delivery. This will be initially headed up by Chris Upfold, Chief Customer Officer, on a secondment basis while an extensive search is undertaken to recruit a permanent appointee.

The Service Delivery Group will have responsibility for all customer-facing operations, including bus and streetcar transportation, Group Station Managers, Station Collectors, Station Janitors and Transit Enforcement. One of Service Delivery Group’s first challenges will be to roll out our new way of managing stations under the leadership of six, soon-to-be-appointed Group Station Managers.

This change allows our Operations Group to focus on the maintenance side of the operation, while retaining all aspects of subway transportation and train movement.

Attached is an organization chart that spells out the responsibility of each of the five groups, keeping the customer-centric model at the core:
> Strategy and Customer Experience Group plans and sets standards.
> The Corporate Services Group provides the logistical support to our business.
> The Engineering, Construction and Expansion group ensures our network is sound and builds new capacity.
> The Operations Group maintains our fleet, infrastructure and facilities to stringent safety standard.
> And the new Service Delivery Group then delivers our customer-facing services.

The previous Operations and Safety Group was extremely large with a mandate that was too broad, in my view, to achieve what we needed to as an organization. Their focus, now, will be on maintaining our assets, but also subway operations, as train Operators have far fewer customer interactions, unlike bus and streetcar Operators.

I’ve also moved Safety to the CEO’s Office. In all that we do – be it public-facing or behind-the-scenes in shops and divisions – safety is paramount. I felt it important that this core function report directly to the CEO.

These changes take effect Monday, January 7, 2013.

The final piece in the jigsaw puzzle is the addition of a Chief of Staff to assist me in managing the huge number of programs now under way to modernize our fleet, our ticketing system and our infrastructure. The Chief of Staff will also oversee the complete professionalization of our relations with City Council, the Province and the Federal Government. I will be able to announce the name of the Chief of Staff in the coming weeks.

Further information about the new station management arrangements along with a question and answer sheet will follow early in the new year.

I’ve said from the very outset that change will take us five years. We are now embarking on year-two of this journey and I am confident that the pieces needed to achieve excellence are falling into place as we need them.

Of course, none of our success can or will happen without each of you. I know I can count on your continued co-operation, support and professionalism as each of us strives to make the TTC a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
December 21, 2012

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