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CEO Andy Byford 1/16/13 2:24 PM

Our Vision remains on track

Dear Colleagues,

Today’s media makes grim reading with the news of the arrest of five Transit Enforcement Officers and dismissal of another three.

I am angry and frustrated in equal measure that this should have happened: angry at the way these people have totally let the company, their colleagues and the people of Toronto down, and frustrated because this comes at a time when, through all of our hard efforts, we are beginning to rebuild our reputation.

Our Transit Enforcement Officers are decent, hard-working and honest people who do a difficult job with a high degree of professionalism. Their task just became that much more challenging due to the actions of a few, but I know our remaining Officers will rise to the challenge.

We will pull through this. Our vision to deliver a transit system that makes Toronto proud remains on track and we should not forget the progress we have made in the last 12 months in delivering cleaner vehicles, improved customer information and a more customer-focused organization.

That work will continue. Indeed, the creation of the new Service Delivery Group will accelerate the quality and consistency of our service. The Executive will shortly issue a five-year road map that sets out how we will transform the TTC. We will undertake a series of town hall-style meetings around the property to share this with you and to get your feedback.

Now, more than ever, we must pull together to show our customers, stakeholders and critics that the TTC is something that they can be proud of. I have said that I will back staff to the hilt when they do the right thing, and that we will cherish and support you. That has not changed. Yesterday’s developments, however, reinforces my position that people who recklessly and deliberately flout rules or damage our reputation will face consequences for their actions. I cannot make this point any clearer.

In closing, notwithstanding yesterday’s news, we are still on the right track. I am very proud of the TTC staff and the job that you do every day to move our 1.7 million daily customers.

Please go out today and show our city that we are better than incidents like this, and that we will not be deterred from our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

Thank you.

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
January 16, 2013

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