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CEO Andy Byford 7/22/13 12:02 PM


The Toronto Transit Commission has a long and proud history of serving the people of Toronto with care, professionalism and integrity. As stewards of public money, the expectation is that we run the TTC efficiently and effectively for the people of this great city.

From time to time, however, we’re all disappointed to learn of someone who has broken the law or contravened TTC policy in order to benefit themselves. I’m committed to rooting out those behaviours that tarnish the public trust and muddy our good reputation.

The TTC has begun working with an independent service provider, ClearView Strategic Partners, to pilot a year-long initiative that we’re simply calling “Integrity.” ClearView provides an anonymous and confidential means to submit reports regarding employees, consultants or contractors whose conduct is deemed illegal, unethical and violates corporate policy.

“Integrity” is not a means to file a grievance, report human resource issues or human rights complaints, nor is it open to the public to lodge complaints about employees or service. “Integrity” is purely an internal program to help us all ensure that public funds are managed ethically and legally.

ClearView has an interactive website and a toll-free phone line (www.clearviewconnects.com and 1-866-840-5217) to allow you to submit an anonymous and confidential report of activities that you believe to be illegal or unethical. Contact with investigators who need more information remains anonymous as well – your identity throughout the process, and after, is never known to anyone. While I continue to encourage all of you to speak to your manager or department head about improper activity in the workplace, I also understand that this communication line isn’t always the most suitable approach.

A brochure about how ClearView works and how to report concerns will be mailed to every employee’s home in the coming weeks. Information will also be made available on the TTC intranet (internal website), thecoupler.ca and ClearView’s website, www.clearviewconnects.com.

Our success in transforming the TTC into a modern, public transit system relies on each of our efforts. The word Service in our corporate motto – Safety, Service, Courtesy – represents your hard work and good conduct, and it’s vitally important that we protect that solid reputation – a reputation I am intent on maintaining and improving upon.

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
July 22, 2013

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