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MyTTC – a new look and feel

I’d like to start this message wishing everyone a happy Transit Worker and Operator Appreciation Day. Please watch this video to hear my thanks for everything you do!

Next year, the TTC will be turning 100 years old. It is a tremendous milestone for any organization – and particularly impressive during these challenging times. As we continue to modernize across the organization – we are also taking a look at how we can improve our communications, and in particular how we can better communicate with all of you.

As part of this modernization, I’d like to introduce you to our new weekly e-newsletter, MyTTC|Weekly. It is another way we are making it easier for you to receive information. It is a weekly summary of news and information from across the TTC – it has stories about our employees and highlights the amazing work we are doing every day.

Along with MyTTC|Weekly, starting today, we will be introducing several changes to ensure a more consistent look and feel across all our communications channels. MyTTC becomes MyTTC|Home and The Coupler becomes MyTTC|Coupler. While their names may be changing, you can still expect the same quality content you have become used to seeing over the years.

Starting this week, TTC-TV becomes MyTTC|Now. You will see a new, refreshed screen begin to roll out across the entire organization. We expect all screens to be updated by early 2021.

Early this winter, we will also be introducing our new employee app, MyTTC|SAPJam. This step is critical because it will allow us to reach all our employees digitally in a new way. I am particularly excited because it means our frontline employees will now have an opportunity to access content in as timely a manner as those working in TTC corporate offices. More information about MyTTC|SAPJam will be shared in the coming weeks.

I know the past few months have been hard for all of us and staying connected has become incredibly important. I hope that the introduction of MyTTC|Weekly, our revamped communications and our new communications tools will help you feel more connected to the TTC. Here is a video that summarizes many of these changes.

I want to thank you for the ongoing hard work and dedication you bring to the TTC as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in our city. I appreciate everything you do for us.

If you have information you’d like to share for an upcoming issue, please send your story ideas to MyTTCWeekly@ttc.ca

Stay safe and stay well.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
October 7, 2020

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