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Commission seal 1/31/20 1:21 PM

TTC Board approves Key Capital Investment Priorities

At the first TTC Board meeting of the year on Monday (January 27), our Commission approved nearly $12 billion for the amended 10-year Capital Budget & Plan. It was an unprecedented investment that marks a major milestone in the TTC’s long search for predictable and sustainable funding for state of good repair.

The action report – 2020-2029 Key Capital Investment Priorities – addresses how we will begin to invest these billions of dollars in capital infrastructure funding towards state of good repair and new vehicles. The dollars are big. The need is real. The urgency is critical.

A significant portion of this investment comes from the City Building Fund, approved by City Council only one month ago. It provides us with $4.2 billion in long-term and predictable funding that significantly reduces the unfunded portion of our 15-Year Capital Investment Plan.

Staff did a great job preparing and presenting the key infrastructure projects and accelerated vehicle procurement plan that the investment will go towards. We’re talking about the safety and state of good repair of the existing subway infrastructure (subway track, tunnel liners, asbestos removal); resignalling and capacity enhancement programs for Lines 1 and 2; and hundreds of bus and subway train replacements and streetcar fleet expansion. Highlights include:
> $686 million for 614 accessible buses (out of 1,575), including $63 million for eBus charging infrastructure.
> $458 million toward 62 subway trains to replace the T1 fleet on Line 2.
> $165 million for 18 ridership growth trains on Line 1.
> $140 million for 20 (out of 60) accessible streetcars.
> $22 million for 232 (out of 498) Wheel-Trans buses.

Thank you again to everyone across the organization for a job well done.

We’re now looking ahead to the next and final stop for our 2020 Budgets that will presented for approval at City Council on February 19.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
January 31, 2020

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