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Auditor General report on TTC fare evasion

This afternoon, the Auditor General released a report on fare evasion within the TTC system. This report made 27 recommendations on how to improve TTC infrastructure, policies and staffing that could reduce the incidences of fare evasion.

Auditor General’s Report - Review of Toronto Transit Commission’s Revenue Operations: Phase One – Fare Evasion and Fare Inspection

The Auditor General conducted an audit over a six-week period in November and December 2018, observing TTC fare Inspectors on seven streetcar routes, 26 bus routes and 15 subway stations. The audit also included a review of nearly 40 hours of TTC security camera footage for illegal entries at four automatic subway entrances.

Video: Review of Toronto Transit Commission’s Revenue Operations: Phase One – Fare Evasion and Fare Inspection 

The report concluded that TTC’s annual revenue loss due to fare evasion and other related factors (PRESTO reliability, etc.)  is estimated to be at least $60 million with evasion rates likely higher during peak periods.

We accept all of the Auditor General’s recommendations, recognizing that some issues will require collaboration with partners to implement.

I want to acknowledge the work that our Transit Enforcement Unit, Stations team, Operators and others do every day to reduce fare evasion and keep our system safe and fair for all customers. This report was undertaken because we know fare evasion is a problem and collectively we will all benefit from a set of solutions that can minimize theft on our system. Our Fare Inspectors in particular have a tough job when it comes to this issue. In her report, the Auditor General acknowledged the challenging work they do.

It’s important to note that prior to the Auditor General’s investigation, we had already begun work in a number of areas to combat theft, including installation of CCTV cameras by fare gates, hiring 20 Fare Inspectors, adding 70 enforcement personnel to 2019 planning and budget processes, and beginning to use PRESTO data to monitor fare payment patterns that can help determine where Fare Inspectors are deployed.

We also know this has been a time of transition for the TTC and for our customers. PRESTO adoption rate is now 77 per cent, and while reliability is much improved, we will continue to work with Metrolinx on further improvements.

We will bring a full update on this report to the TTC Board next week, as well as continuing to provide employees with updates on how these 27 recommendations will be actioned and implemented.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
February 21, 2019

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