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Commission seal 12/16/19 9:25 PM

TTC 2020 Budgets approved

At this morning’s (December 16) TTC Board meeting, Chief Financial Officer Josie La Vita presented the TTC’s proposed 2020 operating and capital budgets. I’m happy to report that they were both approved.

We’ve all collectively put a lot of hard work into modernizing the TTC and making it one of the best transit properties in North America. This new budget continues that work – it preserves the great gains we’ve made through the hard work of all of our employees, our Board and the support of City Council and Mayor Tory.

The budget preserves ALL of the service the TTC currently offers, including those improvements delivered over the past five years. Things like the 10-minute-or-better network, expansions to Express bus and Blue Night services, capacity improvements on the surface and subway networks, near elimination in short-turns, and the two-hour transfer and kids ride free initiatives.

But what I’m most excited about is that this new budget is about more than just preserving service; it’s about enhancing service and doing better; it’s about working smarter; it’s about being more inclusive and responding to reports from the City’s Ombudsman and Auditor General; it’s about making significant improvements to service reliability on our surface routes; and it’s about preparing the TTC for future demands and new service like Line 5.

Some of the other highlights from the budget include fully funding 128,000 hours of new service and hiring 121 Operators to address more than two dozen of our busiest routes in areas where people are heavily reliant on buses. We’re going to make improvements at the Wheel-Trans call centre to improve wait times. We’ve added funding to address the Ombudsman’s recommendation regarding inclusivity and equity through new training programs, the implementation of an anti-racism strategy and a new complaints process, as well as funding to respond to the Auditor General’s finding around fare evasion through the hiring of 50 additional revenue protection staff. The Board also asked for a report back on a way forward to expedite vehicle procurement to address future growth and service needs.

Our operating budget for next year is $2.14 billion, an increase of nearly $85 million, or 4.1 per cent over 2019. And while we will be implementing a fare increase next year – something that is never popular with customers – we are committed to doing more for the TTC to ensure we are not just preserving services, but actually moving the needle on becoming a better transit organization from top to bottom. A transit system that ensures everyone is paying their share. That is welcoming and free of discrimination. That delivers service as advertised.

I’m so incredibly proud of this organization and while the road ahead certainly won’t be easy, we are setting ourselves up to be able to deliver on services and best practices that will make a true difference. I thank each and every one of you for your role in that.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
December 16, 2019

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