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Update on Provincial upload discussions and employee impacts

Commission seal 8/15/19 6:00 PM

As I shared in my most recent CEO Report to the Board (July 2019), the TTC continues to participate with the City of Toronto in ongoing discussions with the Province on the realignment of transit responsibilities. As reported to the Board in June through the report, Status Update – Toronto-Ontario Transit Responsibilities Realignment Review, the Province has introduced legislation to upload subway expansion projects from the City and the TTC.

A primary concern for me as CEO is seeking clarity for TTC employees and vendors impacted by the Provincial regulation and upload of the transit expansion projects. Over the last several weeks, members of the TTC Executive Leadership team have been meeting with individual TTC employees who are impacted to share available information, discuss potential implications and opportunities. Regular employee communications updates are also being provided, including town hall meetings. A meeting with TTC vendors associated with the three expansion projects has also occurred to provide information.

On August 8, the President and CEO of Metrolinx and President of Major Projects at Infrastructure Ontario held a discussion with TTC employees working on the expansion projects. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for staff to ask questions about the Province’s plans and to receive information directly from Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario.

The Province has indicated an interest in working with the City and the TTC to establish a staff services agreement that will provide full cost-recovery for services provided by the City/TTC. Discussions continue with the Province on the potential parametres of an agreement and the role the TTC will play in these expansion projects. A full update will be provided in the October report to the TTC Board. Ongoing and future TTC organizational resource requirements are also being assessed by the TTC Executive Team. I will report to the Board with further information and advice once available.

New legislation – an overview

The Province’s new Getting Ontario Moving Act introduced in May will, among several other transportation initiatives, upload responsibility to the Province for rapid transit expansions and new builds. The Province had previously stated that legislation would be part of their plans to expand transit in Toronto.

In April, the Province made a significant announcement about transit expansion in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Four projects were highlighted. They were:
> A revised and extended Relief Line (the “Ontario Line”).
> The Line 1 North Extension.
> A revised and extended Line 2 East Scarborough Extension.
> The Line 5 Eglinton West Extension.

Thank you – as always – for the hard work you do, and for continuing to provide excellent service to our customers as we keep this city moving.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
August 15, 2019

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