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Commission seal 10/31/19 5:50 AM

TTC salutes 2019 Fall Rewards & Recognition winners

I’m excited to tell you that this fall’s Rewards and Recognition luncheon celebrates an exceptional group of winners from across the TTC, including motivators, innovators and lifesavers.

Today we congratulate all of our winners for their outstanding achievements in Safety, Customer Service, Leadership, Teamwork and Innovation and Creativity: Simone Bahia, Brenna Taylor, Anuj Bhardwaj, Mary Bilbija, Louise Holloway, Adam Tamimi, Mustaq Manjra, Terry Ward, Vince Alexander, Matt Pallotta, Kirpal Parhar, Jonathan Reid, Bonny Cayen, Andrea Jelly, Melanie Naughton, Emma Petch, Austin Pires, Aida Biati, Annie Wen Barr, Roy Lallkissoon, Victor Afriyie, Eric Faber, Morteza Rostami Gharehborjlou, Kristopher Niemeier, Sash Pavlovski, Vince Albano, Aidan McCaffrey, Ante Misetich, Michael Rolanty and Tom Maccarone.

The Rewards and Recognition program recognizes the notable talents and contributions of our workforce that continues to make the TTC one of the most vital public service organizations in the city.

On behalf of CEO Rick Leary and the TTC Executive Team, thank you again to all of our Fall 2019 Rewards and Recognition recipients. All are deserving of a special afternoon to applaud their actions. And a special thanks to all who nominated these talented individuals. We encourage everyone to take the time submit the name of a deserving colleague or co-worker for upcoming celebrations.

Please visit the With Compliments Section and TTC-TV to read about our latest crop of award winners.

Kirsten Watson
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Operations
October 31, 2019

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