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Commission seal 12/5/18 10:14 AM

Organizational updates

As we near the end of a transformative year at the TTC and embark on what is sure to be an exciting 2019, I want to advise you of some appointments to the TTC Executive that will enable us to continue on our journey to be a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

For the past several months, Kirsten Watson has been acting as Deputy CEO, in addition to her role as Chief Customer Officer. I am pleased to confirm today that Kirsten is now the permanent Deputy CEO – Operations, overseeing a new group focused solely on the operations of the TTC. As such, I am also pleased to confirm Jim Ross as Chief Operating Officer and Collie Greenwood as Chief Service Officer, both of whom were acting in these roles for the last year. As well, after a thorough search, I am announcing Fort Monaco as the Chief of Infrastructure and Engineering. Additionally, Rich Wong will be acting Chief of Vehicles, a position that will be posted shortly.

Executive Organizational Chart - December 5, 2018

All report directly to Kirsten. A revised executive organizational chart is attached above.

These are significant, but positive, changes for the TTC. I have tremendous confidence in each of these individuals as we continue to see our day-to-day operations score high in our customer satisfaction surveys. Delivering the service advertised is critical to our ongoing success and credibility.

Creating a dedicated Chief of Vehicles as an Executive role sends a strong message to customers – and our workforce – that the very fleet that safely moves our 1.8 million daily riders is maintained in a state of good repair, sees fewer in-service breakdowns and is replaced with new, modern vehicles when required.

Likewise, with a Chief of Infrastructure and Engineering now on the Executive, we are demonstrating the seriousness with which we take the investments that are being made in our infrastructure around things like signals, power, track and plant maintenance.

Kirsten will continue to deliver on PRESTO through the Farecard Team, while I have asked Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas to act as Chief Customer Officer overseeing Customer Service, Customer Development and Service Planning.

Also joining the Executive Team is Brian Leck, our long-time General Counsel.

Please join me in congratulating each of our current and new executives as they embark on their new roles, which are effective immediately. I know I can count on your unwavering and continued support. The TTC is critical to Toronto and without each of you, this city cannot function, so thank you for all that you do.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
December 5, 2018

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