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5/15/18 11:34 AM

Changes in Strategy and Customer Experience Group

It’s been a busy few months and we are continuing to see a number of changes across the organization that aim to strengthen us overall. Some of those changes are taking place in the Strategy and Customer Experience Group. I am in the process of recruiting a Deputy Chief Customer Officer, as well as a Director of Innovation. Both of these new roles are critical in keeping the TTC focused on the customer and in line with the types of roles present in the world’s leading transit agencies.

Last week we said farewell to Arthur Borkwood (Head of Customer Development) and I want to take the opportunity to thank Arthur for his leadership during his time here. He came into a newly created position and established a team that helped us look at the TTC in a very different way – all for the better and he will be missed. I will post Arthur’s position following the recruitment of the Deputy Chief Customer Officer.

In the interim, Paul Occhiogrosso, Mostafa Omran, Scott Sams, Michelle Picard Cousins and Suzanne Cayley will report directly to me. Yvonne Wang will report to Michelle. Viktoriya Artemyeva is backfilling the position vacated by Vince Cosentino’s retirement as Director of Statistics, and will continue with her work as Manager of Research. Ciaran Ryan will report to Viktoriya to assist in the research work.

Finally, our new Corporate Plan and Ridership Growth Strategy are two incredibly important initiatives that will drive the work we do over the next five years. The changes to the Strategy and Customer Experience Group are being made to ensure our group is organized, has the right structure in place and the right people to deliver on these initiatives. I appreciate the uncertainty that change sometimes brings, but want to assure you that what we’re doing is laying the necessary foundations to ensure success.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Kirsten Watson
Acting Deputy CEO/Chief Customer Officer
May 15, 2018

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