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Changes in Service Delivery and Operations

Our Five-Year Corporate Plan focuses extensively on making sure service runs smoothly and efficiently. We are a very big and complex organization and that means it’s important for us to regularly review our structure to ensure we are delivering the best service for our customers.

A recent review of both the Operations and Service Delivery Groups showed us there were several ways we could improve the way we operate, through the restructuring of certain groups.

Organization chart for Service Delivery/Operations changes

The following restructuring plans will mean employees’ roles are clearer and business groups are aligned in ways that complement the work they do. There are three main elements of this restructure:
1. The Stations Department will be transferred from Service Delivery to Operations.
2. Rail Cars and Shops will be transferred from Operations to Service Delivery.
3. We will create a new Infrastructure and Engineering Group that will include Plant, Signals Electrical and Communications, Track and Structure and the ATC Project.

The Service Delivery Group will now include all of the fleet maintenance and vehicle procurement functions. This will ensure a single fleet approach, leveraging the best practices from each of Bus, Subway and Streetcar, while providing a standard approach to project management for vehicle procurements projects.

The Operations Group will focus exclusively on the operation and management of our subway system. In addition, Transit Control will be responsible for all buses, streetcars and subways that are in revenue service at any given time. Integrating the Stations Department into Operations will create a seamless coverage of staff throughout the subway system.

The new Infrastructure and Engineering Group will focus on the adoption of an asset management approach. State of Good Repair will be the group’s mandate, while ensuring we are spending operating and capital funding in the best way for the long term.

The recruitment process for the Chief of Infrastructure and Engineering will begin immediately. The new Chief will review the proposed organization and determine the best way to structure the new group.

We’ve seen a significant amount of change over the last several months and I want to thank you all for your professionalism and commitment to keeping our system running smoothly. These most recent changes all support our five-year goals of modernizing, improving scheduling and on-time performance, and better aligning the resources we have to the work needed to be done.

I am committed to keeping the affected teams – and all employees – informed about this restructuring and will share more information as I have it.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
June 22, 2018

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