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Commission seal 12/24/18 10:51 AM

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season

As we wind down for 2018, I want to wish everyone a restful, happy and safe holiday season.

My biggest thanks to those of you who are working throughout the holidays, especially those of you who will be out on Christmas and on New Year’s Eve to ensure our customers safely get where they need to go.

This has been an interesting year of growth and transformation for our organization – one that has brought about a lot of change as well as optimism for what’s ahead. We provide a vital public service here at the TTC and our job is to deliver a safe and reliable transit system to the people of Toronto. All 15,000 of us have a role to play, each dependent on the other.

Next year will no doubt bring its own set of changes and challenges, but please know that I’ve got your back. We are a united, hard working and dedicated organization that I could not be more proud to lead.

Thank you for your commitment to the TTC and the people of Toronto. Be safe.

Happy Holidays

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
December 21, 2018

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