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Commission seal 12/3/18 3:08 PM

An outstanding team effort on ATC this weekend
Thank you for your help

This was a critically important weekend for the behind-the-scenes work on installing the new ATC system on Line 1. Our crews worked around the clock to meet our deadline of having the entire area between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Dupont stations running on ATC. I cannot adequately express the pride I have in our employees who helped make this happen – and ahead of schedule, no less, with Line 1 up and running test service by midday on Sunday.

To track and ATC crews: thank you for your unbelievably steadfast commitment and hard work to make this milestone a reality. This is a major step forward in the TTC’s overall modernization efforts and one that can only be achieved with the collective coming together of a lot of individual efforts.

To the Safety teams, Station Services, Operators, Ambassadors and Control Centre staff: thank you for making a challenging line closure run smoothly, with customer focus at the forefront of your efforts.

A news release (attached below) was issued this afternoon to share this important milestone with the public.

The introduction of ATC means that customers riding along that portion of the line will encounter more reliable service and fewer delays due to signal issues. When ATC is fully implemented on Line 1, it will provide a more modern and reliable signal system that will allow for an increase in the number of trains operating on the line.

Whether you had a direct role to play or not this weekend, we can only succeed because of the work each of us does.

Thank you.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
December 3, 2018

TTC completes signal upgrades between Dupont and VMC

As of this morning, subway service on TTC’s Line 1 between Dupont and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre stations is operating on the modern and improved Automatic Train Control (ATC) system.

Upgrades and testing were completed during this past weekend’s subway closure with the system going live prior to service starting at 6 a.m. This milestone means fewer delays associated with the older fixed-block signalling system along this 19-kilometre section of Line 1.

TTC crews spent 11 months installing the communications system and 323 km of cable. Two of those months were dedicated to improvements to manage trains entering and exiting Wilson Yard.

A video explaining how the new signaling system works and the benefits it brings is available at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcGhkh10Q3I.

In addition to reducing signal-related delays, ATC increases safety of the subway, improves travel times and lowers operating costs.

Once fully installed, the system will allow the TTC to run trains closer together during the busiest times of day in order to improve capacity and relieve crowding. As installation of ATC continues, weekend closures will continue to be required. As always, the TTC will advise customers in advance of these closures and alternate service plans.

ATC is proven technology that is in operation at more than 100 subway systems throughout the world such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Paris. Like new systems elsewhere, TTC’s Line 1 extension has been running on the ATC system since it opened last December.

News release issued on December 3, 2018

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