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Commission seal 11/21/17 12:12 PM

An important announcement

Dear Colleagues,

Today, I am announcing that I shall be leaving the TTC in December after six years at this great company, the last five as your CEO. I shall be taking up a big new challenge in January when I assume the role of President and CEO of New York City Transit.

It has been an absolute honour to work with you and to be part of a team of 15,000 wonderful people that deliver a vital service to the people of Toronto day in and day out – a service you should all be proud of. Together, we have transformed the TTC and how we deliver transit to the point that customer service scores are at a record level and where we have been recognized by APTA as the 2017 Outstanding Transit System of the Year.

Public statements by CEO Andy Byford and TTC Chair Josh Colle

Over the course of the past five years, I have only had one objective; taking the TTC forward and improving it for us and our customers. On occasion, this has meant tackling difficult issues and making unpopular decisions, but this has always been done so that the TTC succeeds.

While I am proud of our many achievements in terms of renewing infrastructure and modernizing processes, I am most proud of the way we have set about changing the culture of the TTC to be customer-led; delivered by highly motivated employees that want to do a good job and because they feel valued. It is precisely because I believe in you and in listening to you that we have changed the way we manage, launched and acted upon an Employee Survey, and actively promoted diversity.

A leader is only as good as their team and I will always be grateful for your hard work and support as we have modernized the TTC. It is now cleaner, more reliable and much better perceived and this is all down to you and your hard work.

My last task will be to deliver the stunning Line 1 subway extension to Vaughan on Dec. 17.  Until then, it is business as usual and I will try to get to as many work locations as possible to thank you for your service.

Until then – and if I don’t see you – thanks again for your hard work and stay safe. Working in transit can seem like a thankless task at times, but I appreciate what you do. Hold your heads high and continue to keep the TTC as number 1 in North America.

Best wishes,

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
November 21, 2017

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