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Random testing begins May 8

On May 8, we will begin random drug and alcohol testing for employees in safety sensitive positions, as well as designated management and executives of the TTC.

An employee guide will be mailed to every employee’s home. That guide is also available now on the intranet (internal website) and at ttc.ca. Please take the time to read it. If you have any questions, please ask your manager or supervisor – they are familiar with this new program and have received specific training about how it works.

Random testing is a new component of the TTC’s existing Fitness for Duty policy that has been in place since 2010. This policy outlines the expectation that each of us report for work, and remain fit for duty.

Eligibility for testing + the process

All employees in designated positions will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. On an annual basis, 20 per cent of eligible employees will be selected for random drug and alcohol testing. The TTC’s third party administrator, DriverCheck Inc., will use the same technology that is used for reasonable cause and post-incident testing under the existing Fitness for Duty program: a breathalyser for alcohol and oral fluid for drugs.

This is about your safety, not your personal time

It’s extremely important for me to emphasize how much we value the security, privacy and confidentiality of your information. An employee’s drug or alcohol use during personal time is not relevant unless it creates the potential for impairment during working hours. The testing program is to ensure safety at work by identifying likely impairment on the job. Results are delivered as a pass or fail based on threshold limits set by the TTC and supported by science and experts in the field. No specific details about what substances or amounts detected, if any, will ever be provided to the TTC unless the employee fails a test.

Still have questions?

If you have specific questions about the Fitness for Duty policy that your manager or supervisor can’t answer, contact the Program Lead – Fitness for Duty, Human Resources at 416-206-3169, The FFD Program Assistant at 416-397-8896 or Employee Relations, Human Resources, at 416-393-4362.

If you need to speak to someone confidentially about a concern with alcohol or drug use, please avail yourself of the TTC’s Employee Family Assistance Program. They are available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day at 1-800-572-0039. Alternatively, you can seek assistance by contacting Occupational Health at 416-393-4572.

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
April 27, 2017

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