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2/17/16 10:19 AM

CEO video update February 19, 2016

Rewards and Recognition Inaugural Gala 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Last evening (Feb. 16), it was my absolute pleasure to join our colleagues in celebrating the best-of-the-best at the Rewards and Recognition Inaugural Gala Dinner. We recognized a number of exceptional employees for their contributions in the areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Safety and Teamwork.

I am proud to have presented the Employee of the Year Award to Neil Preece, Patrick McLaughlin and John Bethune for working as a team, and with Signal Maintainers, SCS Groups and Supervisory/Management members to provide suggestions to possible solutions relating to the Speed Control System. They offered to review subway delays and provided solutions and technical support follow up for Operators and inspired collaboration amongst Operators and Supervisors within Danforth Division. A special commendation also goes out to the whole team, including: Frantz Pelletier, Marco Gallegos, Neil Wallis, Edward W. Chan, Tedros Sahle and Ed Chan.

I also had the privilege of presenting the CEO Special Award, which recognizes excellence that falls outside the Rewards and Recognition program. This award goes to Sho Kalache in recognition of her outstanding work as our Pan Am Games Co-ordinator. Her work touched all five of our desired behaviours and the results speak for themselves.

Please see the attached news release (below) issued today for a full list of winners, and look for more info on TTC-TV.

The Rewards and Recognition program aligns with our People Objective of creating an empowered, customer-focused workforce that values teamwork, pride in a job well done, and an organization that actively develops its employees.

There will be many more opportunities to be recognized for your ongoing efforts to make the TTC proud. Please visit the Intranet or the With Compliments Section to learn more about the Rewards and Recognition program and how to nominate an employee.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Andy Byford
Chief Executive Officer
February 17, 2016

News Release

February 17, 2016

TTC recognizes employee excellence

Last night, the TTC named its Employees of the Year at its first-ever Rewards and Recognition event, which also honoured the best-of-the-best in the areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Safety and Teamwork.

The Rewards and Recognition program, which presents awards to staff and unionized employees, aligns with the TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan and the People Objective of creating an empowered, customer-focused workforce that values teamwork, pride in a job well done, and an organization that actively develops its 14,000 employees.

The 2015 Employee of the Year award was presented jointly to Subway Operators Patrick McLaughlin, John Bethune and Neil Preece, who went above and beyond, volunteering their time to review subway delays on Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth). Their work has resulted in a reduction in delays and a more comfortable ride for TTC customers.

TTC CEO Andy Byford also presented the CEO Special Award to Sho Kalache, in recognition of her work co-ordinating all aspects of the TTC’s involvement in last summer’s Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

The TTC is proud of Sho, Patrick, John and Neil, and of the great work done by these award recipients:

> Al Pritchard – Senior Manager

> Kevin Radeska – Cable & Telephone Technician
> Ian Ferguson – Cable & Telephone Technician

Customer Service
> Patrick Plummer – Track Inspector

> Neil Preece – Operator
> Patrick McLaughlin – Operator
> John Bethune – Operator

Teamwork Special Commendation
> Frantz Pelletier – Senior Technical Advisor
> Marco Gallegos – Engineering Technologist
> Neil Wallis – Senior Technical Advisor
> Edward W. Chan – Manager
> Tedros Sahle – Designer
> Ed Chan – Senior Designer

“I am hugely proud of the 14,000 men and women at the TTC and the service we provide to 1.8 million customers a day, on North America’s third largest transit system,” said CEO Andy Byford. “Our winners tonight reflect the best of the best and their example reinforces my unwavering belief that world class service can only be delivered through a well-led, highly motivated team whose efforts and hard work are overtly acknowledged.”


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