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8/23/16 6:00 AM


The PRESTO rollout continues across the TTC. Thirty-two subway stations and more than 930 buses now have PRESTO. Here are some things you need to know as the rollout continues:

Fare gate construction
> Fare gate construction is underway at Royal York, Jane, Runnymede, High Park, Keele, Dufferin, Ossington, Christie, Dupont, Eglinton West, St Clair West, Glencairn and North York Centre. 
> The focus of the fare gate construction for 2016 will be on main entrances. Automatic entrances will be done in 2017. Also in 2017, the TTC will complete the installation of fare gates at those stations that currently have PRESTO readers on TTC turnstiles.

PRESTO on buses
> More than 930 buses servicing 77 routes have PRESTO.
> Installation is complete at Queensway, Arrow Road and Wilson, and is currently underway at the Mount Dennis and Malvern garages.
> Installation on buses at Birchmount and Eglinton will begin in early October, with the entire bus fleet completed by the end of 2016.
> Until such time as all buses are PRESTO enabled, customers who have PRESTO cards are being told to carry tokens or exact cash, in case the bus they board doesn’t have readers installed. PRESTO customers transferring to another bus should be given a paper transfer.
> If the PRESTO card readers go out of service during your shift, inform CIS and allow the customer to board, but do not issue transfers.
> The TTC does not accept PRESTO on TTC buses in York Region or Mississauga. Cash or TTC and YRT or Mi-Way fare media only may be used. PRESTO is targeting to have a cross-boundary solution in place by early 2017.
> Internal Wheel-Trans pilot will begin in early September and will roll out to Wheel-Trans buses and contracted accessible taxi customers later this year.

PRESTO on streetcars
> Customers do not need to show Operators proof-of-payment on POP routes. Transit Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing fares.
> If the PRESTO card readers go out of service during your shift, inform CIS and allow the customer to board, but do not issue transfers.
> If a streetcar is short-turned, customers should take a transfer. When they board the next streetcar they shouldn’t tap their PRESTO card.

TTC fare products on PRESTO
> TTC pass products will not be available on PRESTO until later in 2017.
> Customers will still be able to purchase individual Metropasses and our Metropass Discount Plan customers will still receive cards in 2017. Customers will be provided with advanced notice when it’s time to transition from a Metropass to PRESTO.
> Tokens and tickets will be accepted in 2017. We will stop selling them before we stop accepting them. More information will be provided when it is available.
> New Photo ID requirements recently approved by the Board will be introduced alongside PRESTO concessions in fall 2017.

PRESTO information for you
> PRESTO cards can be purchased online at prestocard.ca, by phone at 1-800-855-0511 or in person at select Gateway Newsstands or at the Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station.
> PRESTO customer pamphlets are available in Collector booths at subway stations under construction or at stations that have the new fare gates in service.
> Watch TTC-TV for regular PRESTO updates.

Chris Upfold
Deputy CEO/Chief Customer Officer
August 22, 2016

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