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4/3/14 3:50 PM

Organizational changes

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing today on behalf of Andy Byford to announce a further refinement to our organizational structure in support of the Five-Year Corporate Plan effective, April 6.

The community relations unit headed by David Nagler that resides within the Engineering, Construction and Expansion Group will report to Joan Taylor, Chief of Staff in the CEO’s Office. This group plays a vital role in ensuring our stakeholders – residents, businesses and elected officials – are well-informed about TTC projects that may impact their community, and to ensure minimal disruption during those projects. In addition, Diego Sinagoga from the Customer Service Centre will join this team. The excellent work they have performed for EC&E will continue, and now with the addition of Diego, their approach to stakeholder relations will be applied across the organization.

The communications function, headed by Susan Sperling, within Engineering, Construction and Expansion will report to Brad Ross, the Executive Director of Corporate Communications in the CEO’s Office. This change ensures a corporate-wide approach to our employee communications, public communications and media relations. Some of Susan’s current team, namely Herman Ho, Jamie Rosen and Zee Zaid, will move to the Customer Communications area in Strategy and Customer Experience to provide support to the organization as a whole. People and Reputation are key components of our Corporate Plan. Strengthening the corporate communications function is vital to our success as the team rolls out a new employee communications program, keeps the public apprised of the excellent work we all do each day, and helps explain issues that arise from time-to-time.

Finally, the Property Development Department, under Domenic Garisto, is being transferred to the Engineering, Construction and Expansion Group under the leadership of Anna Pace, who becomes head of Property, Planning and Development. The responsibility for managing Wi-Fi installation in our stations will move under Information and Technology Services, and the responsibility for Commuter Parking and Retail Strategy will move to Customer Development.

I would like to thank Anna for her leadership in developing high quality community relations and communications programs, and advancing much-needed policies related to construction projects and community outreach within EC&E. Likewise, Dominic has managed TTC property matters with professionalism and with the public’s interests properly guarded. That will, of course, continue. The TTC is committed to its vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud. Applying best practices across the organization, learning from one another, and supporting a common goal is vital to our success.

Thank you all for your continued dedication to the TTC.

Chris Upfold
Deputy CEO and Chief Customer Officer
April 3, 2014

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