Year in review 2008

Museum Station interior.

Muesum Station platform makeover, April 2008.

February 17: Introduction of 180 individual services increases on all days of the week on 46 bus and streetcar routes.

February 21: The Safety Department hosts first-ever safety forum with representatives from all 42 Joint Health and Safety Committees.

March: Completion of BST’s OCDI – the comprehensive survey of all TTC employees. More than 9,000 employees responded.

March 18: Malvern Garage hosts funding agreement signing between all three orders of government for infrastructure and federal gas tax dollars for the TTC.

April 8: Official unveiling of the highly anticipated platform makeover at Museum Station.

April 13: Allen Chocorlan is appointed Deputy General Manager – Bus.

April 27: The Ontario Legislature holds an emergency session; passes back-to-work legislation; ends one-and-a-half day TTC strike.

June: Waste and recycling containers make their return to subway platforms.

June 6: Toronto debut of the engineering mock-up for the new Toronto Rocket subway train.

June 8: TTC Roadeo winners: Malvern’s Sam Minaudo, Jim Muir, Gus Mastathis; Duncan Shop’s Carey Leroux; Wheel-Trans’ Martin Owen; Arrow Road’s Bruce Reid.

June 23: Transit City Department is formed and headed by Program Manager Sameh Ghaly.

July: All stop announcements on the subway and Scarborough RT become fully automated.

July: BST releases the Safety Assessment and Culture Assessment Report.

July 10: Commissioners approve a Green Procurement Policy for the TTC.

July 25: Official ground-breaking on the York University BRT, from Downsview Station to York Campus.

August 10: Launch of the TTC’s newly designed website.

August 26: Launch of the platform paramedic pilot.

September: The TTC’s safety culture transformation is officially branded Work Safe-Home Safe.

September 4: Launch of the Next Train Arrival pilot at Dundas Station.

September 28: Last day Adult tickets are accepted as valid fare. Commissioners voted to eliminate the Adult ticket in June.

October 8: The TTC receives arbitrator’s decision on a binding three-year agreement with its three unions.

October 17: First CARE Committee (Rail Transportation) established to begin process of eliminating workplace injuries.

November: The TTC’s 12-month ridership hits an all-time record of 465 million rides.

November 23: Largest service increase introduction on record affecting 113 bus routes.

November 26: Commissioners approve protective barriers for buses and streetcars.

November 26: Commissioners approve a contract for the design of twin tunnels for the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

December 11: Official opening of the Mount Dennis Division/Garage.


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