Year in review 2006

February 10: Special Constables, FBI and Toronto Police bust an international, multi-million-dollar counterfeir token ring.

February 21: Ontario Superior Court of Justice rules in favour of building St. Clair ROW.

March 21: Broadview Station officially becomes accessible.

March 22: Commission approves bio-diesel for all its buses.

April 1: Cost of tickets, tokens, passes and cash fares increases.

April 24: Arrow Road Operator Manjit Khabra runs first new hybrid bus in service.

April 16: Blue, short-sleeved golf shirt for Operators and Collectors debuts.

May 24: Officials break ground on $90-million Union Station construction project.

June 6: Public invited to view full-size mock-up of future subway car.

June 7: Operations GM Gary Webster appointed Interim CGM.

June 11: Roadeo Grand Champs crowned: Stephen Burley – Bus; Martin Owen – Wheel-Trans; Peter Cerone/Michael Enright/Rob Defend – Maintenance Team; Carey Leroux – Maintenance Driver.

June 13: Birchmount Operator Visnue Samaroo named Transit Community Watcher of the Year.

June 22: Jane Station officially becomes accessible.

June 24: TTC participates in Mayor’s Cup Cricket Tournament for first time.

July 1: Metropasses become eligible for new federal gas tax credit.

August 30: Commission unanimously approves Bombardier as new subway train builder.

September 20: Commission approves bike racks for all future buses.

October 13: Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield visits TTC for gas tax announcement.

November 4: TTC and GO co-host CUTA Fall Conference in Toronto.

November 26: TTC’s new token went on sale to public.

November 26: By this date, another eight bus routes become accessible.

December 19: TTC employees and pensioners raise $1,180,000 for United Way of Greater Toronto.


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