Year in review 2004

January 2: Yield To Bus legislation takes effect. Motorists face a fine of up to $90 if they don’t yield to buses merging back into traffic.

February 2: Governor General Adrienne Clarkson delivers Throne Speech. Paul Martin government calls for a New Deal for Cities.

February 16: TTC releases new video called End of the Line. Mayor David Miller previews the video at the Toronto Board of Trade.

March 30: TTC celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Canada’s First Subway.

March 30: Prime Minister Paul Martin, Premier Dalton McGuinty and Mayor David Miller announce historic $1-billion funding package for TTC during visit to Duncan Shop.

April 2: New temporary Eglinton Bus Terminal opens for business. Terminal serves 33,000 customers each business day.

April 23: TTC participates in Mayor David Miller’s 20-minute Toronto Makeover by conducting a cleaning blitz of various subway stations.

May 28: TTC Operator Kurt Bowman named Community Watcher of the Year.

May 30: 33rd Annual Bus Roadeo Grand Champions – Stephen Burley – Bus; Rick Cyncora – Wheel-Trans; Paolo Pozzebon/Nektarios Doukogiannis – Maintenance Team; Aldo Pugliese – Maintenance Driver; and Carey Leroux – Special Driver.

June 4: TTC honoured with three National Transportation Week awards, recognizing Wheel-Trans’ RideLine, Track and Structure and frontliners Dane DeGale, Frederick Surcon and Sue Bartley.

June 6: Decorated war veterans ride free on 60th Anniversary of D-Day invasion.

July 12: TTC Special Constables conclude major sting operation aimed at ticket counterfeiters.

July 14: TTC recognized by CUTA for its efforts during August 2003 blackout.

July 25: Special Constables introduces blue uniform.

September 13: TTC launches nine-month bio-fuel test on 180 Queensway buses.

September 29: City Council approves St Clair streetcar right-of-way.

October 7: Eglinton Station becomes 21st accessible subway station.

October 20: Commission approves new weekly pass starting May 2005.

October 22: Premier Dalton McGuinty announces share of gas tax for transit.

November 23: Main Street Station becomes 22nd accessible subway station.

December 16: TTC employees and pensioners raise $1,081,159 for the United Way.


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