What we accomplished

With an ambitious work schedule involving up to 900 person hours daily, all work that was set to be completed during the closure has been done, enabling customers to move freely throughout the station. The hoarding that has been up in the station for the past few years is now down. The overall result is a vastly improved customer experience.

The work includes:

Outside/bus loop:

  • Bus loop roadway repairs
  • Bus platform ceiling painting
  • New sliding doors to bus platform for accessibility
  • New bird-friendly windows
  • New public art (etched glass)

Fare line/collector booth area:

  • New granite stairway with bicycle track
  • New floors and ceilings
  • New wall tiles
  • New accessible fare line
  • Upgraded collector booth
  • New sliding doors at main entrance for accessibility
  • New larger windows
  • New main entrance canopy

Upper Concourse:

  • New wall tiles
  • Painted ceiling
  • Resurfaced floors

Lower Concourse:

  • New granite stairs with bike track
  • New handrails
  • Painted ceiling
  • Resurfaced floors
  • New public art
  • New elevators (still to undergo testing and commissioning before entering into use)
  • Newly built link between elevators


  • New granite stairs with bike track
  • New handrails
  • Resurfaced floors
  • Painted ceiling
  • New wall tiles
  • New public art
  • New platform edges for safety (25% still to be completed after reopening)
  • New elevators for accessibility (still to undergo testing and commissioning before entering into use)

Pape Station Closure by the numbers:

  • 12 days
  • 24hr work
  • Up to 65 workers during daytime
  • Up to 25 workers overnight
  • Average of 800 – 900 person hours worked DAILY

Work In Progress - Photo Gallery

Concrete work being done to the outside waiting area / bus bay landscaping

A new elevator is installed and some of the wall tile art installation can be seen

Concrete forms; and the passageway takes shape

Workers finishing the stairs to the concourse

Workers cleaning the wall tile and art installation panels; finishing touches

TTC Thank you posters on display in the station; ready for the trains 

The facade of the station is almost complete; main entrance corner and TTC insignia signs on the front facade