Photo showing all the generations of TTC streetcars


We’ve got history. From horses to electricity to the “Red Rocket” to today’s modern low-floor accessible vehicle, Toronto’s streetcars have a proud heritage.

Over the past 90 years the TTC has had four streetcar vehicle series, but the first streetcars hit the road before the TTC even existed. Horse-drawn streetcars arrived in Toronto in 1861, followed by the first electric- powered vehicle in 1892. The TTC was established in 1921 and the “Peter Witt” streetcars began driving the streets until they were retired in 1963. The familiar “PCC” or “Red Rocket” was introduced in 1938, and the last of this fleet was retired in 1995. The current fleet includes the CLRV and the ALRV – ready to retire after over 30 years of service.


As Toronto has grown and changed, and TTC ridership continues to break records, the time has come for a new streetcar, one that can carry more people more comfortably, and be accessible to everyone who wants to ride it. We are proud to introduce to you the made-for-Toronto Bombardier Flexity.

Photo of the the made-for-Toronto Bombardier Flexity at a TTC carhouse.

Streetcar Network

The TTC’s extensive streetcar network covers a vast area of the city with 11 routes and 82 kilometres of service. Toronto’s streetcar network carries 250,000 passengers each day, more than GO Transit’s entire daily ridership. In 2011 our vehicles rode through city streets logging over 13 million km and picking up more than 87 million passengers.

Routes with the highest ridership include:

504 King 57,000
510 Spadina / 509 Harbourfront 55,000
501 Queen 52,000

Streetcar Barns

Streetcars need to be stored and maintained in specially equipped “carhouses” or “barns.” Of the eight carhouses that have existed in Toronto, only two remain – the Roncevalles and Russell Carhouses are still active after a century after opening.

The new streetcar needs a new carhouse, and TTC is building a new streetcar storage and maintenance facility at Lake Shore and Leslie Street. Currently under construction, the state-of-the-art complex will be built to Toronto Green Standard and include a storm water management pond and a green roof. The facility is scheduled to be fully operational in 2016.

Facility Name Open Date Close Date

Yorkville Carhouse

1861 1922
Roncevalles Carhouse 1895 Open
Dundas Carhouse 1897 1931
Lansdowne Carhouse 1911 1966
Danforth Carhouse  1915 1966
Russell Carhouse      1916 Open
St. Clair Carhouse 1914 1978

Eglinton Carhouse (at Yonge St.)

1922 1954

Streecar Network Factsheet PDF PDF file