“Since 1977, the TTC's current fleet of streetcars has been well-maintained by TTC employees to ensure they still work for our customers, but the time for new vehicles has arrived. This amazing vehicle will finally meet the needs of more than 250,000 daily TTC streetcar customers, from St. Clair to Lake Ontario and from the Beach to Brown's Line.” 

- Karen Stintz, TTC Chair and Toronto City Councillor (Ward 16 Eglinton-Lawrence),

November 15, 2012

 Photo of the new vehicle arriving in Toronto.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Seating
  • Standing
62 (average) &
181 (maximum)
  • Length
30.20 m
  • Width
2.54 m
  • Height
3.84 m
  • Weight
48,200 kg
  • Maximum Service Speed
70 km/h

Inside LRV LRV Inside
LRV Inside Inside
Inside Inside LRV
Inside LRV Inside LRV