How many sections will each streetcar have?

Each streetcar has five sections. The front section contains the operator’s cab. The second section is designated accessible, and includes a deployable ramp for those needing this type of assistance boarding the vehicle. The fourth section contains designated bicycle positions.

Can the new vehicles be coupled together in two-car trains similar to those now operating in Europe?

The vehicles can be coupled together for maintenance purposes, but it is not necessary for the purposes of passenger-related services. The new streetcars already have significantly more capacity than the existing streetcars which minimizes the need for coupled trains in service.

Will you continue to use today’s smaller streetcars during times of less demand like evenings and weekends?

The new streetcars will be phased-in starting in early 2014 with the intent of replacing the entire existing fleet of streetcars. The TTC may elect to retain a small number of the current streetcars for heritage or special charter purposes.

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