Does the TTC have to change the existing streetcar system to run the new streetcars?

The new vehicles are designed to run on the same tracks and use the same overhead wires as our current streetcars do – including incorporation of special provisions for Toronto’s steep grades, tight corners and winter conditions.

How will the new streetcars be equipped to handle Toronto’s harsh winter conditions?

The new streetcars for Toronto are based on vehicle designs used in other cities in the world. For example, a similar vehicle currently operates in a comparable environment in Innsbruck, Austria which receives significant snowfall and cold winters. TTC has also required the critical areas of the vehicle to be made of stainless steel to prevent rust from the road salt.

Where will the new vehicles be stored and maintained?

The two existing maintenance and storage facilities (carhouses) will be used, along with a new facility which will be built specifically for the new streetcars. The new facility is required because the existing facilities cannot be expanded to accommodate the number of longer vehicles being purchased to improve service, accommodate future ridership demand and route extensions.

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