How will the doors open and close?

When the vehicle is safely stopped the Operator will remotely unlock the doors. Customers, both inside and outside the vehicle, can then press a brightly lit, easy-to-reach, tactile button on the door. This is common practice for many vehicles in use around the world. Doors will close after a set amount of time or when the Operator chooses to close the doors remotely. Warning lights and audible tones will let people know when the doors are opening or closing.

How will people with mobility difficulties or strollers access the vehicle?

A ramp will be deployed upon request or if the need is identified by the Operator, so that people with mobility difficulties and strollers have step-free access to enter the low floor vehicle. The accessibility entrance and ramp will be located at the second doorway, which is a wide doorway.

How many passenger entry doorways will there be on the vehicle?

There are four doorways on the vehicle, with the middle two being double-wide. Passengers will be able to enter and exit from any of the four doorways.

Will there be door chimes like on the subway?

There are unique audible signals to indicate when the doors will be opening and when they will be closing.

How will I be able to bring a bicycle onboard the streetcar?

The second set of double-wide doors (nearest the rear of the vehicle) will accommodate bicycle entry. Once inside the vehicle, there are two designated bicycle spaces, with a mechanism to secure the bicycles for safe transport.

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