Purpose of Presentation

  • Provide background and context to the TTC proposal to develop a new maintenance and storage facility for the new Low Floor Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) fleet
  • Present the site locations considered and the criteria used to assess those sites
  • Identify preferred site
  • Answer any questions you may have with this project

New Light Rail Vehicle

  • Existing streetcars are 30 to 40 years old and are nearing the end of their useful lives
  • Replacement fleet will consist of 204 new Low Floor Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs)
  • New LRVs will improved reliability of the vehicles (LRVs)
  • New vehicle is almost twice as long as the current streetcars
  • Will provide higher capacity for improved passenger flow and reduced crowding
  • Are wheelchair accessible
  • Designed with a strong focus on safety, security and customer convenience in all aspects of design
  • Provides bright and easy to read LED route/destination signs
  • Provide improved interior and exterior lighting
  • Provide air conditioning
  • Accommodates bicycles and baby strollers in the passenger compartment

Maintenance and Storage Facility Master Plan Study

  • Initiated by TTC to review the requirements to maintain and store the new fleet of 204 LRVs
  • Considered Roncesvalles Carhouse and Russell Carhouse
  • Over 80 years old
  • Insufficient space within the existing buildings to service new LRVs
  • Insufficient storage space within the yards for new vehicles
  • Would require rebuilding and expanding existing facilities into adjacent residential neighbourhoods

Schedule for New LRVs

LRV Fleet Delivery Schedule
  • Delivery of 6 Demonstration/Prototype vehicles - By end of 2012
  • Delivery of 36 production vehicles annually - Starting in 2013
  • Complete fleet delivery (204 cars) - By end of 2018

Project Schedule

  • Conceptual Design - Complete Fall 2009
  • Environmental Assessment - Commence Fall 2009
  • Preliminary Design - Commence Fall 2009
  • Detailed Design - Commence Mid 2010
  • Construction - Commence Early 2011 - Complete Mid 2013

New Facility Site Search Criteria
Initial Search Criteria

  • Property requirement approximately 22 acres
  • Close proximity to existing streetcar network
  • Minimal relocation of existing business and their facilities
  • Minimize crossings of existing rail road tracks

Property Search

  • Fourteen sites were investigated as potential locations to accommodate the Fleet Replacement Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF)
  • Six of these sites met the minimum property requirements (Sites #1-#6)
  • The remaining eight sites were not suitable for the MSF as they did not meet the minimum property requirement

The following six sites met the minimum property size and access requirement are:

  • Ashbridges Bay- Leslie Street at Lake Shore Blvd. East
  • Eastern Avenue (#601, #629 & #633)
  • TEDCO - Unwin Avenue (Lots 447-449, 451)
  • Cascade site- Commissioners St./Basin St.
  • Concrete Plant – Commissioner St./Leslie St.
  • Old Hearn Generating Plant

Property Screening

The site evaluations were assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Property Size
  • Community Considerations
  • Operational Issues
  • Cost
  • Potential for site to be developed and in service by mid 2013

Site Evaluation

A table listing the different properties considered during the site evaluation. Six properties met the minimum requirements - the Ashbridges Bay site on Leslie and Lake Shore, properties on Eastern Avenue, TEDCO on Unwin Avenue, the Cascade site on Commissioners, the Concrete Plant on Commissioners, and the Old Hearn Generating Plant.
Based on the evaluation, the following three sites meet the criteria to accommodate the new LRV Maintenance & Storage Facility and have the highest potential to meet the scheduled completion date of 2013

  • Ashbridges Bay (Leslie Street at Lake Shore Blvd. East)
  • Eastern Avenue (#601, #629 & #633)
  • TEDCO – Unwin Avenue

Preferred Site - Ashbridges Bay


  • Close proximity to existing streetcar line (Queen St.)
  • Site is mostly vacant and has most potential to meet the 2013 completion date
  • Meets the minimum property size requirement
  • Adjacent to industrial and commercial developments

Greening Initiatives

New LRV Maintenance and Storage Facility will be built to:

  • Toronto Green Development Standards
  • Green development standards that may be considered for this site could include:
    • Provision for bicycle parking
    • 50% green roof coverage
    • Storm water management ponds and systems
    • Accommodate collection of recyclables
    • Window shading devices
    • Natural light utilization for interior spaces
    • Urban heat island reduction on roof (light coloured roof membrane)

Economic Development

  • The New LRV Fleet Maintenance and Storage facility will stimulate both short term and long term job creation
    • Short Term – Construction jobs
    • Long Term – Approximately 540 employees working from this facility
  • Provides durable employment land use
  • Brings new wages to the area and a new customer base for local restaurants and retailers
  • Improves an existing underutilized site
  • Will catalyze improvement to underutilized property in the area
  • Will compel investment in needed infrastructure improvements

Public Consultations

  • Public Open House
  • A series of three Public Open Houses were held June 16, 17, 18, 2011
  • Over 185 people attended
  • Approximately 200 comments received
  • Overwhelming majority of comments advocating against the selection of Eastern Avenue site
  • Toronto Film Board
  • Met with Toronto Film Board Executive to discuss proposed sites
  • Subsequent meeting scheduled for September 22

Next Steps

  • Continue discussions with Toronto Port Authority for the Ashbriges Bay site
  • Obtain Toronto City Council approval on recommended site
  • Commence Environmental Assessment and preliminary planning on Ashbridges Bay site and connecting trackwork between Queen Street and new carhouse