Why is a new facility needed?

The 248 streetcars purchased by the Toronto Transit Commission in the 1970s and 1980s are nearing the end of their useful lives and now need to be replaced. The TTC is acquiring a new fleet of 204 Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) that will be low-floor, quieter, have features such as air conditioning and will be able to carry almost twice as many people as the current TTC streetcars. The new LRVs will have leading-edge technology for better reliability and performance.

The existing facilities for maintaining and storing the streetcar fleet are the Roncesvalles and Russell Carhouses. These facilities are both over 80 years old. These existing facilities cannot support the major maintenance requirements of the new LRV fleet due to space limitations. There is also a lack of adequate storage track capacity at the existing facilities to accommodate the new LRVs.

The construction of a new Maintenance and Storage Facility is required to provide the necessary vehicle maintenance, repairs and servicing inspection and provide adequate storage capacity for the new LRV fleet.

What locations are being considered, and how were they chosen?

Fourteen sites were investigated as potential locations to accommodate the New LRV Fleet Maintenance and Storage Facility; however, six sites met the minimum property requirements.

These six sites were assessed on criteria outlined below. Three of those sites have higher potential to meet all of the criteria, while the other three options have a lower potential of meeting all of the criteria.

The three sites with the highest potential to accommodate the new LRV Maintenance and Storage Facility are Ashbridges Bay site (South east corner of Lakeshore Boulevard and Leslie St.); Eastern Avenue (#601/#629/#633); TEDCO- Unwin Avenue (Lots 447-449, 451).

What criteria will be used to choose the location?

Criteria used to select the site locations include:

  • Property
  • Community Considerations
  • Operational Issues
  • Schedule/Timing
  • Costs

When will the facility be built?

Construction of the facility is expected to commence in early 2011 with scheduled completion of the facility by late 2012.

How do I submit my comments?

Fill out a comment sheet before leaving the Public Open House.
Provide comments by email and submit to lrvyard@toronto.ca
By Fax: 416-392-2974
By Mail: Public Consultation Unit
City of Toronto
55 John Street, 19th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C6

What are the next steps?

  1. Obtain public comments
  2. Commence Property discussions on the three high potential sites, Ashbridges Bay, Eastern Avenue and Unwin Avenue sites
  3. Identify preferred site and recommend acquisition of property to TTC Commission and Toronto City Council
  4. Commence preliminary planning on selected site