TTC Chair Adam Giambrone on Queen streetcar

July 2009

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, joined in Thunder Bay by Mayor David Miller, announced the provincial share of $416 million to build Toronto’s next generation of streetcars on June 19.

On the same day, MPP Laurel Broten, Chair of the Toronto Caucus, and TTC Chair Adam Giambrone echoed the announcement for the purchase of 204 LRVs while travelling on a Queen streetcar.

“The progress and the investments we’re making today will ensure that our city will have a better quality of life for tomorrow,” Broten said. “These new streetcars will be more efficient, more comfortable and fully accessible.”

The announcement came a day before the federal government confirmed that it would not be contributing its one-third share of stimulus money for the cost to purchase the new vehicles.

 “The fact that this is creating 15,000 jobs at a time when manufacturing jobs across Ontario are being lost, I can’t think of a better way to stimulate the economy and set Canada as a leader in light rail,” Giambrone told the media as the 30-year-old CLVR rolled along Queen Street.