TTC Chief General Manager Gary Webster

July 2009

You will have heard by now that at a Special Meeting of Toronto City Council on June 26 the City approved the final one-third funding for new streetcars for Toronto, and that we presented Bombardier Transportation with a letter awarding the contract for 204 next-generation LRVs. Two months, less a day, TTC Commissioners unanimously approved the $1.22-billion investment; the deal is signed and sealed.
Delivery of the first prototype car comes in 2011. The new fleet arrives ready for service in 2012 through to 2018. The existing fleet of 248 cars, which has served the city well for the past three decades, will be replaced – first the CLRVs and then the ALRVs. We will have a six-year overlap where the new cars are phased in and the old cars are phased out, likely on a route-by-route basis.
TTC employees, and the riders we serve, should be very encouraged by what transpired late last month. It wasn’t exactly how we expected the final outcome would turn out, but as Mayor David Miller put it, it was an extraordinary and historic vote that secured the transit future of this city for a generation.
When faced with the difficult decision of re-allocating our capital priorities in the week leading up to the Council vote, we thoughtfully chose to defer six projects in our 10-year program, all of which do not begin until 2012. They are: the Eglinton Bus Terminal Replacement, Fire Ventilation Upgrade, Station Modernization, On-Grade Paving Rehabilitation, Collector Booth Renewal and the Mid-Life Bus Rebuild. Our plans for 2009, 2010 and 2011 remain unchanged.
While we remain committed to these important projects, acquiring new streetcars for Toronto was essential to addressing our ridership growth and reliability issues with our existing fleet.

I can assure you that we will continue to work hard to pursue the funding we require as we move forward. And we are moving forward in a big way.

Gary Webster