Malvern Garage hosted the official signing agreement between all three levels of government and the TTC to flow infrastructure funding and the federal gas tax for the Commission on March 18.

The TTC will receive more than $300 million from the Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF) and more than $400 million from the federal gas tax over the next several years.

“These dollars will not only buy replacement buses and subway vehicles, but will continue to ensure that the TTC’s infrastructure remains able to serve Torontonians,” said Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.

The CSIF contribution will help fund the following:

Subway infrastructure

  • Purchase of 78 new subway cars.
  • Repairs to tracks and tunnels; escalators and elevators; fire ventilation; and radio systems.

Streetcar infrastructure

  • Track replacement along several routes.
  • Construction of dedicated streetcar lanes as part of the St. Clair Avenue West Transit Improvement Project.

Bus infrastructure

  • Purchase of new hybrid buses.
  • Construction of bus rapid transit lines from York University to Downsview Station; and along Yonge Street from Finch Station to Steeles Avenue.

From 2005 to 2009, the Federal Gas Tax Transfer is helping to finance more than 700 clean diesel and hybrid buses, 156 subway cars and 90 Wheel-Trans buses.

“Today’s announcement of the signing of the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund agreement, to flow significant funding to the Toronto Transit Commission to purchase hybrid buses, and other support to increase our fleet and keep what we have running, and the announcement of the federal Gas Tax Funding for public transit in Toronto is extremely significant,” Mayor David Miller said.

What they said ...

“The TTC is one of the most successful transit providers in the world and we're pleased to be contributing to that success. ”
— Cannon

“The number one ask from the municipalities was a permanent share of the gas tax.”
— Flaherty

“The McGuinty government is committed to improving and expanding public transit.”
— Bradley

“It is the priority of the City of Toronto to use all of the gas tax money for public transit.”
— Miller

“Our 1.5 million daily riders will feel the difference with our new hybrid buses.”
— Giambrone

TTC's newest hybrid buses unveiled

The TTC’s latest diesel/electric hybrid buses were officially unveiled at Malvern Garage on March 18.

The TTC is slated to receive more than 500 Orion VII Next Generation Hybrid buses through 2008-2009.

Federal funding announced by Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, will help purchase 1,000 new hybrid buses and clean diesel buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the bus fleet to meet TTC Ridership Growth Strategy targets.

“The Gas Tax Fund, which is a component of the Building Canada Plan, provides stable, up-front funding for municipal priorities that contribute to the national objectives of cleaner air, cleaner water and reducing GHG emissions,” Cannon said.

In 2006, the TTC received 150 hybrid buses and currently has 270 in the fleet. The TTC has the second largest hybrid bus fleet in North America, second only to New York City.

By the end of 2008, the TTC will have more than 560 hybrid buses running across the city. By September 2009, the TTC will have nearly 700 new, low-floor, diesel/electric hybrid accessible buses in service (324 financed through the Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund).

The total cost of a new hybrid bus is $734,000.