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Meeting No. 1921
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
1:00 PM

Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West

  1. East Bayfront “Bayside�? Development – (FOR ACTION)(This report is about litigation or potential litigation that affects the Commission PDF file

  2. Public Consultation Process – Easier Access and Second Exit Design Concept for Woodbine Station – Contract DC9-4 (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  3. Procurement Authorization Sheppard East LRT - Agincourt Grade Separation Construction Award, Contract SH35-4 (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  4. Procurement Authorization Amendment - Information Technology Placement Firms for Technical Service Assistance (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  5. Customer Service Information Screens (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  6. Transit City Update (FOR INFORMATION) PDF file

  7. Request for Proposal for Administration and Expansion Services of the Metropass Affinity Program (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  8. Procurement Authorization Amendment – Vehicle Work Order, Inventory, Purchasing and Accounts Payable (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  9. Post-Secondary Student Discounted Pass Program Update (FOR ACTION) PDF file

  10. Transportation of Inflammable Liquids Over Subways – City of Toronto By-Law Exemption (FOR ACTION) PDF file

TTC Board Members

Chair Adam Giambrone Vice-Chair Joe Mihevc Commissioner Maria Augimeri Commissioner Sandra Bussin Commissioner Suzan Hall Commissioner Peter Milczyn Commissioner Ron Moeser Commissioner Anthony Perruzza Commissioner Bill Saundercook