Second exit concepts for Greenwood and Donlands Stations

After listening to more than a dozen deputations from neighbourhood residents, and receiving a detailed presentation from TTC staff, Commissioners approved the proposed conceptual design options for second exits at Greenwood and Donlands stations on the Bloor-Danforth Subway. Commissioners also agreed that a more robust public consultation strategy be developed for future construction projects.

Artwork and finishes approved for two Spadina extension Stations

Commissioners approved the art and finishes for both the Sheppard West and Highway 407 stations on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension. At Sheppard West, a public art selection process resulted in the selection of Panya Clark Espinal as the public artist. Artwork is integrated into glazing, terrazzo, ceramic wall tile and aluminium ceiling finishes throughout the station in a collaborative effort by the artist and the architect. At Highway 407, a public process awarded the job to David Pearl. He identified two areas for artwork: the subway skylights and the western bus station glass façade.

TTC to begin bid process for cellular service in the subway

Commissioners authorized TTC staff to begin a structured, multi-phase bid process for the implementation of a cellular network in the TTC’s subway stations at the platforms (including the Spadina extension and Transit City projects) with the option of expanding the cellular network into subway tunnels with three pre-qualified companies.

Hot Dealz for Metropass users

Commissioners approved additional partners to the Metropass Affinity Program (or Hot Dealz). Currently, Metropass users enjoy discounts at these attractions: Casa Loma, CN Tower, dine.TO, Hansa Language Centre, Hockey Hall of Fame, The Jersey Boys, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, Miss Saigon, Ontario Place, Ontario Science Centre, The Second City, South Pacific, Toronto FC, Toronto Symphony, Toronto Tours and Niagara Tours and the Toronto Zoo.

Post-Secondary Student Metropass to be introduced for September

Commissioners received an update on the implementation plan for the introduction of a new pass this September: the Post-Secondary Student Metropass. Full-time or part-time post-secondary students, with no age restriction, that are enrolled in a program granting a degree or diploma only as defined in Post-Secondary Education Choice and Excellence Act, 2000, are eligible to use the new pass. It will sell for the same price as the Student Metropass ($99).

Metropass Art to appear in early 2011

Commissioners approved a pilot with the Ontario College of Art and Design and Arts for Children and Youth to supply artwork for the TTC’s monthly Metropasses for a three-month period starting in early 2011. Customer feedback will assist in determining the outcome of the trial.

Subway Station cleanliness update

Commissioners received an update on the cleanliness of subway stations and vehicles. A staff audit showed continuous improvement from the previous year, and presented a long-term plan to reach an acceptable level of cleanliness. In August, the TTC will be starting a pilot to clean subway cars at terminal stations during revenue service.