Meeting Date: May 15, 2002

Subject: Staff Response to Commission Inquiry - Overview of GTA Weekly Pass

At the April 10, 2002 Commission Meeting, the Commission passed a motion requesting that staff prepare a report on the origin, history and rationale for the TTC's participation in the GTA Weekly Pass.

The GTA Weekly Pass was introduced on August 29, 1994 as a result of the recommendations of the Provincial Transit Integration Task Force, whose mandate was to improve transit service throughout the GTA. The key characteristics of the GTA Weekly Pass are provided below:

• Accepted fare for unlimited travel on TTC, Mississauga Transit, Brampton Transit and York Region Transit;

• Unlimited cross-boundary travel on participating transit properties;

• Valid from Monday to Sunday;

• Transferable;

• Magnetic stripe for TTC system access through turnstiles and unstaffed entrances; and

• No TTC commuter parking lot privileges.

Attachment A contains the May 3, 1994 Commission Report which recommended the TTC's participation in the GTA Regional Pass. The attachment also contains the response of Metropolitan Toronto/TTC to the recommendations of the Transit Integration Task Force. The original agreement was for the TTC to receive the weekly equivalent of its Metropass revenue for each GTA Pass sold. The balance of the revenue was to be split between the other operators based on a formula to be developed by the MTO. The original revenue sharing agreement is still in effect today. The MTO also agreed to provide a small subsidy for each pass sold. This subsidy was related to the costs of production.

In September 1995, the Transit Integration Steering Committee approved the continuation of the GTA Weekly Pass Program for 1996. It also recommended that transit operators in the program meet semi-annually to set binding pricing, cost-sharing and revenue-sharing agreement. Price changes to the GTA Pass have historically corresponded to TTC fare increases.

In 1998, the MTO withdrew its support of the GTA Weekly Pass program, and the agreement was revised. Under the new agreement, the TTC received the weekly equivalent of its Metropass revenue from each GTA Pass sold. The other properties agreed to pay TTC production costs based on the volume of passes ordered.
The TTC currently sells GTA Weekly Passes through Collectors booths at the following stations: Downsview, Wilson, Finch, Scarborough Town Centre, Warden, Kennedy, Islington and Lawrence West. The GTA Weekly Pass is also sold through the other participating properties at selected locations.

The current cost of the GTA Pass is $37.25 per week. By comparison, the price of the adult Metropass is $93.50 per month. It is important to note that the GTA Weekly Pass serves a niche market, and is only attractive to commuters who use two or more of the participating transit agencies. This is reflected in the sales of the GTA Pass. While sales of the GTA Weekly Pass have grown steadily since its implementation, currently weekly sales average approximately 4,000. This compares to sales of approximately 135,000 per month for the adult Metropass. Details of the pricing and sales history of the GTA Weekly Pass are outlined in Attachment B.

Chief General Manager