Meeting Date: December 9, 2002

Subject: Broadview Station Modifications Approval Of Conceptual Layout


It is recommended that the Commission approve the conceptual layout for Broadview Station Modifications.


Sufficient funds for this design are included in project 3.9 Buildings and Structures – under Broadview Station Modifications, Easier Access Phase II and Fire Ventilation Upgrade projects (as set out on pages 603 - 608, Improvement Category, pages 585 – 590, Legislative Category and pages 563 – 580, State of Good Repair/Safety Category respectively) of the TTC 2003-2007 Capital Program which was approved by the Commission on November 15, 2002.


Over the recent years, several improvements to Broadview Station have been identified including construction of a second streetcar track to separate the King and Dundas streetcar lines and reduce delays, provision of additional bus bays, elevators, a second exit and space for fire ventilation equipment. Rather than undertaking all of these requirements under separate contracts, they have been combined to facilitate co-ordination, minimize rework and save costs.


Project Scope - See attached Exhibits 1 and 2

1. Streetcar Track

Separation of the 505 Dundas and 504 King streetcar routes within the station is required to reduce delays to customers on these routes, and to improve schedule reliability on both routes, similar to what has already been done at Dundas West Station. To accommodate a second streetcar track and platform, the existing streetcar track and platform must be rebuilt and extended.

The extension will require occupation of some of the parkland located to the north. Shelters will be provided on the new platforms to protect the passengers from inclement weather. A plan for treatment of the parkland is illustrated in Exhibit 1. The concept has been reviewed with local Councilor Ootes as well as City Planning and Park staff, and community input will be sought at an upcoming public meeting.

2. Bus Bays

As part of the project, an additional bus bay will be provided. The existing 3 bus bays are overused requiring that buses wait on the street for a platform to become vacant. While the additional bus bay will not bring the station up to capacity design standards, it will significantly improve operations within the station.

3. Elevators

Three elevators were required to provide a barrier free access. The streetcar platform allows for the elevators serving the westbound subway platform to connect to street level, thereby, eliminating the need for the third elevator. One elevator will connect street level to the mezzanine and to the westbound subway platform. The other elevator will connect mezzanine level to the eastbound subway platform.

4. Fire Ventilation and Second Exits

Staircases will be provided from the westbound subway platform to a new mezzanine area and from this level to street level via the new streetcar platform. This will be included as part of the reconstruction of the streetcar and bus platform to avoid the disruption and premium cost if this work is undertaken as retrofit construction later.
This feature will provide a second exit off the subway platform. Stairs from the eastbound subway platform to the existing bus platform will be done at a later date (5 to 10 years) when space for the fire ventilation equipment is constructed.

Project Schedule and Cost

The current project schedule anticipates construction starting in mid 2003 and completing in 2005. Construction will be phased to mitigate inconvenience to patrons. Public meetings will be held early in 2003 so that the detailed design could be finalized to allow for a mid year construction start.
The total project costs for the above work are budgeted at $13,750,000 and are included in Broadview Station Modifications, Fire Ventilation Upgrade and Easier Access Phase II. This design will not result in any increases to the project costs allowed for in the budget.


Commission review and approval of the Conceptual Plans are required prior to receiving public input and completing the design. The streetcar and bus elements of this project will significantly improve operations within the station, providing for more reliable service to customers. The elevator and fire ventilation/second exit elements are required to meet the Commission’s obligations related to easier access and safety and building code regulations.
November 28, 2002



Attachments – Exhibits 1 and 2